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The Venture 17 Division Of Education




Our Biochemistry Library, is a resource for information and links to aid you in your study of Advanced Clinical Chemistry, and Molecular Biology.

The Conservatory also recommends the well known Textbook, Tietz's Fundamentals of Clinical Chemistry, by Burtis, Ashwood, and Bruns.

To aid our clients and online users, we offer an online textbook and learning module. This tool allows us to present Clinical Biochemistry as an online didactic resource and course, available at no cost to our students. The rubrics are designed as an assistant to the students we teach on campus, but this online course is also available to anyone wanting to increase their medical knowledge and competitive edge.

For you to be able to utilize the Biochemistry materials at no cost, you must sign into We Teach College Students, and request the course. After confirming your student status, we will then add you to our roster and email your access codes within twenty-four hours.

The course utilizes a large and concise text on Clinical Biochemistry, with case studies, color illustrations, self assessment tools, and flashcards, in addition to sturdy web-links. Questions can be addressed through the course chat and email system or our Academic Questions page.

Below is our Clinical Biochemistry Library. This reference library is currently under reconstruction. When finished, it will contain over 300 images with accompanying academics. From molecular biology, enzyme kinetics, and DNA testing, to laboratory management, it will be comprehensive.

You may point and click to pause, survey, and review the images below. As chemistry requires proficiency in advanced algebra or calculus, future applications to this library will include formulae and laboratory demonstration through documents and video when needed or requested. We recommend The Khan Academy for free math primers and courses in Algebra to prepare for this course.

For more free content in Biochemistry, click on the flask.