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The Venture 17 Division Of Education




Whether you’re a high-school student looking to improve your GPA or a Graduate candidate in need of a second set of eyes, The Conservatory has academic essay editing services to meet your needs. When you need an edge competing for a scholarship, we can help you write a pristine essay. Our paper editing service will help you perfect your work and ensure that it is as strong as it can be. Often, the difference between an A- and an A+ can be as simple as a couple of minor grammatical mistakes that slipped through the cracks.

We offer a variety of service options guaranteed to meet your needs including:

Opinion Service: A comprehensive proofread of your work that fixes all errors in spelling, grammar, and usage

Premium Service: In addition to a comprehensive proofread, this essay editing service includes a detailed constructive critique.

Inexpensive Service: Most editing services are very expensive, charging on average, 100-300 dollars per essay or document as a minimum fee, generally adding more during the editing process.

The Conservatory asks only for a donation which is used to support The Division of Education through The B.E.A.M. Foundation. We do, however, ask a minimum donation of your choice for papers of a 1000 words or less. Larger assignments are negotiable and very affordable to any college student.

No Matter the Subject Material, We Have the Paper Editing Service that can Help

With The Conservatory, you can submit your paper, thesis, dissertation, or any other piece of academic writing, confident that it is polished. Even small mistakes in spelling, grammar, and usage can negatively impact your grade. Take advantage of our professional expertise to give yourself the best chance of getting an A; nothing looks better to a teacher than a paper 100% free of even the smallest writing errors.

When you order, you’ll receive the highest level of service possible from start to finish. All orders include a one week turnaround. We pay close attention to your comments and requests, to provide personalized guidance. Overall, our academic essay editing service is guaranteed to help you improve your writing and avoid mistakes both large and small. And by using our paper editing service, you will improve your own writing skills and increase your ability to spot errors in your work.

Order our essay paper editing service today, and watch as your composition shines in front of a teacher, professor, or evaluation committee. We’ll help you do your best no matter your background or field of study.

The Conservatory respects author properties and enforces copyright law. Click the image for our position on ethical standards and conduct in editing,

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