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The Venture 17 Division Of Education




Welcome to The Conservatory's Hematology Library. This library is one of the complete chronological sets of images designed by The Conservatory Faculty for lectures in Myeloproliferative Disorders, The Leukemias, The Lymphomas, Hemostasis, and Coagulopathies. They may be utilized to assist you in your studies.

This reference library is currently under reconstruction. When finished, it will contain over 350 images with accompanying academics. From light microscopy to cytochemistry and oncogenetics, it will be comprehensive, including power point availability and video help.​

Below, you will find an image screen in motion . All images contain didactic information, some of which are lengthy, and require pausing. The images are displayed for 10 seconds, however, you can pause the stream at your discretion by clicking on the screen. Just point at the image and it will instruct you.

When on sabbatical, the images are archived. You can point and click the archived images to enlarge. Additional online help is available at The American Society of Hematology Image Libraries.

To aid our clients and online users, we offer an online textbook and learning module. This tool allows us to present Hematology as an online didactic resource and course, available at no cost to our students. The rubrics are designed as an assistant to the students we teach on campus, but this online course is also available to anyone wanting to increase their medical knowledge and competitive edge.

For you to be able to utilize the Hematology Course materials at no cost, you must sign into We Teach College Students, and request the course. We will then add you to our roster and email your access codes within twenty-four hours. 

This is a self paced programmed course. The course utilizes a large and concise text on Clinical and Laboratory Hematology, with case studies, color illustrations, self assessment tools, and flashcards, in addition to sturdy web-links. Questions can be addressed through the course chat and email system or our Academic Questions page.

For more resources in Hematology, visit HemeTeam

HemeTeam is a companion to hematological studies, designed to present a succinct account of what is new and important for students and physicians.

These notes on the pathogenesis, manifestations and treatment of common blood diseases, are frequently updated to reflect changing concepts.

The most complete, and best illustrated chart on Stem to Precursor to Definitive Line, this chart on Human Hematopoiesis is massive and covers all clone lineages. A great addition to any Hematology teaching system.

Also, be apprised that our affiliate links are well established, web-sturdy, and safe, in addition to offering vigorous and enterprising content. They can help you take your studies as far as you wish.

The below slide presentation contains images as well as detailed didactic information. You may advance, reverse, and pause at your discretion.