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The Venture 17 Division Of Education




"I received average scores on my first attempt at the MCAT. I knew they had to be better. The Conservatory was recommended by a friend.

Not only did the faculty help with improving my test scores, they helped me write my medical school applications, and taught me interviewing techniques.

I was invited to 3 interviews, and accepted at all three colleges.

What an incredible experience. And worth every penny. I cannot recommend Venture 17 enough. Every pre-med student should talk to these guys first."

Ian H.

"I have the honor to work alongside Dr. Counce, and would like to take the time to thank him for all of his extraordinary work, dedication, and commitment. He is vital to the growth of Intellitec Medical Institute, and truly a blessing to have on staff at our college and as a colleague and friend." Erin H.

"As a professional private tutor, Dr. Counce was respectful of my time and patient with my questions. He helped find what I didn't understand and then worked to fill in the blanks. He has a great review for how to take tests that works when you seem to forget everything on test day. I highly recommend him to any student bound for the medical field. He draws pictures that really simplify and explain complex processes."

Heidi W.

"Dr. Counce was my professor for Anatomy and Physiology. There must have been well over 50 students in this course, and I don't think anyone missed a day. This gentleman enters the room with a swagger. He engages the class with a smile and puts you at ease immediately, all the while stating that " this course is the cornerstone to all of your medical learning and is extremely difficult. I expect all of you to shine in here." Dr. Counce is extremely intelligent, dynamic, and funny. He walks the room while lecturing and talks to everybody. His ability to draw on the board commands your attention and always puts things together. I want to be a teacher, just like him."

Frank Z.

I was told by a freind to contact The Conservatory before I tried to take the HESSI nursing entrance exam. I am so glad I did. Three months of intense preparation helped me to score high marks. I am currently in nursing school. Thank you, Venture 17.

Jennifer Q.

"The seminar on 'Test Anxiety and How to Take a Multiple Choice Test and Pass', was outstanding. The tools I got from Dr. Counce can be used on any test. It helped me to pass my radiology certification. I can't wait for his next talk. Thank you"

David B.

"I can't believe how great this website is! Why don't other teachers have these? Thank you very much. I feel smarter for just having visited this site."

Steve C.

"The level of service at The Conservatory is fantastic. I used their tutoring service for anatomy, electrocardiograms, and microbiology, I am consistently impressed by the professionalism of every staff member and every teacher I have come in contact with, Thank you!”

Cindy R.

"I've read books on headaches before, but Dr. Counce's book on 'Is My Headache a Migraine' was concise, easy to read, and really spelled it out. My wife suffers from headaches and now we know what they are and how to treat them. Thank you so much"

Mike F.

"The seminar on, 'Understanding The Stock Market and Reading Balance Sheets', with Mr. Marshall, and Ms. Lichtbringer, was outstanding. I had know idea how easy it was to turn one hundred dollars into two hundred, in less than a year. Thank you. When is the next seminar?"

Mike B.

"The Conservatory website is awesome! It was so helpful for my hematology class. I don't know what I would have done without it. Dr. Counce is the best college professor I have ever met."

Lisa J.

"I had Dr. Counce for my Cardiopulmonary course last spring. Everyone had told me that this class was really hard, lots of material. But Dr. Counce showed us a way to learn all of this detail using examples and case work along with his visuals, making us think, not just memorize. Whenever concepts are difficult, he goes to the board and draws it in 3 dimensions, and suddenly, you get it. I wish I had him for every class."

James T.

“In this day and age, it’s hard to find a tutor that has these qualifications. Professionals you can trust. The Conservatory was recommended to me by a friend, and now I know why – the quality of teaching I received was outstanding. If I would have had teachers like this in high school, college would have been a breeze right from the start. Thank you, keep up the good work!”

Paul D.

"I ordered the Anatomy power point system to use while teaching my nursing students. They loved it, and it made my preparation very smooth. Lesson plans are much easier to organize now that I have this system to teach with. Thank you very much."

Cheryl F.