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The Venture 17 Division Of Education




The brainchild of Dr. C. M. Counce, one of our founders, as well as a physician and professor of medicine for 30 years, The Division of Education was forged out of concerned necessity in 2006.

Dr. Counce practiced for 30 years as a physician, professor of medicine, hospital chief of staff, and director of Blue Cross Blue Shield. He is well polished in the politics of education and healthcare.

He also holds Degrees in Biochemistry, History, and The Fine Arts, and knows his way around any curriculum in any college as well as how to communicate with educators and administrators. After our Canadian Venture was completed in 2008, and with the help of Mr. Christopher Marshall, Dr. Counce set out to establish a private educational mentoring and foundation arm for Venture 17.

Dr. Counce became concerned with the quality of education in public secondary schools and degree granting "for profit schools" after practicing and managing in the Federal Clinics system following his retirement from private practice. At our Military and Native American Reservation Clinics, Dr. Counce as well as Mr. Marshall, found the quality of educational preparation of assisting personnel fair at best.

Dr. Counce found himself having to teach even the basics to employed staff. From this, two important beginnings occurred. He began teaching remedial workshops at these clinics, and was asked to teach undergraduates in anatomy, pharmacology, and basic medical science at two colleges in Montana and Canada. He immediately immersed himself in the improvement of undergraduate collegiate medical education patterns in the United States and Canada.

Spurred on by his concern for the invasion into the classroom of conservative fundamentalist censorship, and his alliance with The American Association of University Professors (AAUP) to halt this censorship, he successfully pushed the Seventeen into a campaign for change. The result was, "running it ourselves".

One can look to Stanford University and its world renowned college press for moving the current philosophy of the AAUP to its current and influential position on academic freedom. The Division of Education continues to leave its mark on college education, as Dr. Counce, and The Seventeen, maintain many steadfast allies and colleagues at different colleges and universities throughout North America.

The Seventeen now own or sit on the boards of eight colleges in Canada and The United States. Currently, five are for-profit undergraduate colleges, the remaining three are graduate liberal arts universities. All of our learning institutions are maintained on an interest utilizing trust, through our B.E.A.M. Foundation (Business Education Art Medicine).

The Division of Education also oversees our college consulting service, accreditation consulting, our for-profit test preparatory courses and tutoring for Medical College Admissions Test candidates, Health Educations System, Inc. Test for nursing school candidates, and Biomedical graduate students. In addition, The Division also employs, trains, and places instructors from our professorate, which includes the assistance of American and Canadian Fourth year medical students we follow.

Venture 17 remains as an influential and philanthropic educational partner to many colleges across The United States and Canada. For more on The B.E.A.M. Foundation, please click the image below.