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The Venture 17 Division Of Education





Christopher Marshall is a connoisseur and wizard of the investment world. Having met Dr. C. M. Counce at an options market investors meeting in St Louis in 2003, the two set out to form an investor's club which became The Seventeen.

Spurred on by Chris Marshall and Chuck Counce, The Seventeen worked rigorously in the options spread sectors of The Stock Market. Working in a mine field of calls, puts, andstraddles, Chris and Chuck developed a technique to 

mathematically predict trends utilizing not only balance sheets, price volume, per share data, and valuation, but personal cash utilization of board members, as well as psychological mindsets of executive officers and comptrollers in companies subject to contentious acquisition. These linear matrices allowed for tighter predictions in the "Long Straddle" a risky but very old technique available in the Options Spread Market.

Dr. Counce says, "Chris Marshall, is one of the most intelligent and forthcoming men I have ever met. His unique knowledge of the stock market and business sense are nothing short of brilliant. The Stock Market is tough enough, but The Options Sector Market is an exponential leap in money and risk."

Lead by Mr. Marshall, The Seventeen spearheaded a money making juggernaut that caught a great deal of attention, and made The Seventeen, a reputation.

Dr. Counce says, "I've got to tell you, the options side is scary, don't be fooled, [it is] very risky, if it wasn't for Chris' genius, I don't think I could have laid all that hard earned cash down on those long calls. They talk about being nervous? I think I was shaking in my shoes for two years."

Chris Marshall, educated at Stanford, continued to lay it on thick, and turn heads at business meetings. Brilliant at math and a "clairvoyant" of the schizophrenic NYSE and TSX, Dr. Counce says, "Chris' knowledge was indisputable, everyone payed attention". Mr. Marshall, however, would say later, "When we were cruising Options and the Canadian venture took place, it was Chuck who stealthily worked the rooms of old money. Damn, smooth, that guy. He was as cool as a cucumber, but he told me and The Seventeen later, he was this close to pooping his pants".

The Doctor is always quick to give Mr. Marshall his dues, "Chris is my friend and will always remain my business partner . He is brilliant, he is powerful, but most of all, he is a visionary. We have remained solid business partners and close friends for ten years".

The Seventeen remains a solid company behind our Chairman, Mr Marshall. At a recent board meeting he said, "I look back on this last decade; Chuck, Bill, Curt and the rest of The Seventeen. Damn, it was scary, I mean scary, but man, it was fun. Then our colleges? Frontier and Verizon? And then the The Searchlight? Gentlemen, we worked so very hard. And now, a rock solid company with a proprietary capitalist investment technique to be reckoned with. We are always confidently moving forward, and we must and always will, give back. We are in a formidable position to do that now. Philanthropy was always at the top of our list. The BEAM Foundation must be our Signature Piece, and Ultimate Legacy".

"We need Chris, he has made our lives better", says William Shelton, our treasurer and the third addition to The Seventeen, "It is Chris who built this platform. Thank you, Chris, for all you have done for us".

The Venture Seventeen, couldn't agree more.