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The Venture 17 Division Of Education




Founded in St. Louis in 2004, The Seventeen™ established a Stock Market Trust through the options spread sectors of The New York Stock Exchange, The Nasdaq, and The Toronto Stock Exchange.

By 2006, the success of The Seventeen, and a benchmark shift in North American higher education strategy, turned our investment posture from real estate investment trusts, and options trading, to education, communication, and venture financing, becoming The Venture 17™. We reorganized into a platform corporation and 

financier, established to acquire and manage post secondary degree granting collegiate educational entities, telecommunications corporations, and most importantly, a philanthropic scholarship foundation trust, emerging as champions of science, art, and the humanities.

As our educational position developed, one of our original Seventeen, Dr. C. M. Counce, became our lead college liaison, establishing The Venture 17 Division of Education as our college recovery and procurement arm, as well as an educational consulting firm concentrating on remedial science education, and all medical disciplines. He has remained as Chairman of The Division since its founding.

Under the leadership of Christopher Marshall, The Trinity Venture Capital Group and Venture 17 Communications remain as our capital investment and telecommunications technology enterprise in addition to the oversight bodies for The Venture 17 Division Of Education and The BEAM Foundation.

The BEAM Foundation executes scholarship contracts; underwrites collegiate grants; promotes higher education in all disciplines; in addition to tracking the actions of the U.S. Department of Education, and The Canadian Ministry of Education.

Originally founded to promote Business, Education, Art, and Medicine, The BEAM Foundation remains the flagship and philanthropic arm of The Venture Seventeen.

Already a seasoned technical illustrator, photographer, and artist, in 2005, Dr. Counce re-opened his studios and began working with the live model and camera to produce commercial photo-realism renderings and anatomic illustration utilized for medical instruction at his studios known as The Searchlight. As the studios grew and evolved into an academic photography, arts and modeling preparatory school, The Searchlight became the artistry counsel to The Venture 17 Trinity.

The Searchlight has developed a reputation for high end photo-illustration utilized by the private firms who engage us, and a look which is known as the "Right Eye Lens Kiss". Very protective and highly selective of our models, The Searchlight requires models to be academic leaders before putting their talents in front of the lens.

Although careful in studying potential models, Dr. Counce recruits Searchlight models from the collegiate ranks, and prefers to know them first as well honed academicians, then request their skill in front of the camera.

It has been made quite clear by Dr. Counce, and Berlin Kruger, head of The Searchlight Six, the type of individual who is sought and recruited by The Studio. Keep in mind that Dr. Counce seeks to bring many of our photographs to a photo-realism rendering, which by design call to you as a photograph until you realize, they are a work of his hand.

As the major source of imaging and sound media for Venture 17, in addition to providing its talented front office business staff; in 2007, The Searchlight reorganized, partnered with The Seventeen, and became the artistic and corporate promotional arm of Venture 17, concentrating on specific looks for our educational model, and philanthropic trademarks, as well as artistic consultants, and capital portfolio networking partners for The Venture 17 Trinity.

Our investment technique in the Options Spread remains legendary. However, our posture has become more traditional as we have grown, with holdings in Fundamental Biotech Index Funds, Consumer Value Index Funds, and Re-insurance Entities, in addition to free standing publicly traded corporations.

As financiers, our philosophy remains progressive with six criteria always in place. They are: potential long term return; the experience of the company's founders and chief officers; proprietary advantage and market readiness; the company's regulatory exposure; the founders' political network; and our own proprietary linear matrix as applied to all lead investors and chief operating executives.

To contact The Venture 17 Searchlight, you may Email us at: [email protected]

We are contributors and consultants to The Kauffman Foundation, The National Science Foundation, and the Howard Hughes Medical Institute.