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The Venture 17 Division Of Education




Although The Conservatory is a well known learning resource for MCAT Candidates, HESI Candidates, Medical Students and Nursing Students, we have also been resolute since our inception, in providing our scope of techniques to improve the the training of those in the paramedical sciences, principally in Clinical Laboratory Science, Healthcare Information Management, and Medical Assisting.

Medical Assistant Nursing and Clinical Laboratory Science are two of our most special needs in the medical industry. A large percentage of our clients are students of these professions.

Many of you who are students in these disciplines, have been in the job market or are currently working while going to school. You made a decision to further yourself and chose this path because you want to work in the medical field, the career is

multifaceted, pays well, and the college commitment is only two years. A large and growing number of you have chosen private schools because they offer excellent programs, and have accelerated modules so you can acquire your Associates Degree, get out early, and start your new career.

Many of you are working during the day, you have children, they need day care, you're going to college at night, someone has to watch the kids."When am I going to get my homework done if I don't get home until eleven at night?" You may even think that college instructors don't care what's going on outside of school.

Stop for a moment and breathe. Medicine needs you. The Allied Health Professions need and want you. Employers in the medical field are watching. They want the individual who

has remained committed and ambitious throughout their training, all the while shouldering with compassion, the responsibilities of family. This is the strong, competitive type of academician and professional the health care industry is looking for.

The Conservatory will help you. For instance, you may need to catch up because you had to stay at home with your two year old who has an ear infection and the daycare wouldn't allow him in that day. In addition, you may have missed a test and now you're really behind.

The Conservatory Faculty is here to listen. We are here to help you get caught up and then move ahead. You are special, and sometimes you need a special teacher for special help. You can always look to us for tutoring, but you can also rely on us for understanding.

An important page on this website, Help Is Here, Just Ask , is a page constructed especially for the student and single parent. A page designed to offer assistance, help with better living environments, as well as nurture healthy lifestyles. All, from a multitude of resources that include financial aid, and medical coverage, as well as education. In addition, for those who need it, tutoring and career counseling at no cost. That's right. It's free. The Seventeen are here to help.