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The Venture 17 Division Of Education




The Venture 17 Division of Education is a private professorate of experienced collegiate educators from 7 universities throughout The United States and Canada, specializing in biomedical engineering, clinical sciences, scientific illustration, medicine, and surgery.

From the medical assistant and medical laboratory technology student, to the nursing and physician and surgeon candidate, we offer professional classroom instruction and private tutoring with emphasis in anatomy, physiology, molecular biology, biochemistry, hematology, internal medicine, general surgery, neurology, radiology, and microbiology.

We are best known for our Medical College Admissions Test Preparatory Systems, and ground breaking proprietary techniques in grooming students for specific testing applications at the graduate level. This is the only fee for service product Venture 17 offers. All other products from The Conservatory are free or discounted to cost. For more information, please go to THE MCAT.

In addition, we consult on course rubrics, formatting, and presentation, as well as college syllabus, assessment and test writing.

We are consultants and evaluators for college accreditation preparation, including Program Efficiency Evaluation and Plan writing, as well as Institution Self Evaluation Narrative, and Report preparation.

Our online Conservatory is an extension of our classroom and private tutoring service. Our online libraries and courses are all faculty assisted at no cost. We also offer a free clinical academics page for academicians and professionals at all levels of training, from undergraduate biology, to graduate medical education.

The Venture 17 Division of Education also offers, professional textbook, thesis, research and course formatted scientific and medical illustration as well as medical photography and computer assisted medical photo-illustration . We also teach students and instructors basic and advanced scientific illustration as utilized in the classroom, power point presentation, and publication.

We've earned a sterling reputation for speaking in the classroom, and are engaged regularly for single lecture assignments or full course instruction. We know you will be extremely pleased with our approach, our classroom presence, and our ability to mentor students. For more information regarding our consulting services and lecture engagements please go to Contact Us.